What makes “HER” happy?

One of the most important question that mankind all over the globe practically fails to talk about is that even in this modern high-tech world where there are conferences, lectures and what not over the fact that : Women and men are equal, women empowerment, equal rights and fraternity etc.

We fail to acknowledge the fact that this isn’t what women want! Talking about the basics we really need to understand that the happiness of a woman doesn’t really dwells in the big cars, mansions, fancy kitchens, outfits! (we don’t mind good dresses though :P)

Her happiness majorly depends in simple little things. For a woman who does her household it may be her kids which make her happy, the one who is a working type may experience happiness in getting her job done and getting some praise for that. Hence, we need to accept each and every woman as and how she is and give her an EQUAL opportunity to practice her freedom and independency! She’ll love you for it!


Woman are simple beings they just want to be well understood.

Happy womanhood. ­čÖé




What “SHE” thinks?

They all say to understand a woman’s mind is an impossible task. But I contradict..

I have come up with a shorter and a more precise definition of a woman’s thinking .

Honestly, We girls agree that we think differently from men. we have more complex thoughts but we will never say it in front of you.

When it comes to thinking, we may have an altogether different approach towards a particular situation, we might tackle it differently but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are wrong. All we expect of you men is to allow us to voice our opinions in the way we want. Let us be absolutely free in blurting it out without thinking twice. Yes, we like it when someone contradicts us as much as men do but that shouldn’t be mixed with the thought of enforcing┬ásomeone’s opinion onto us.

All we want is to be independent in our thoughts and emotions.. We respect yours, You are suppose to respect ours. It just can’t be one way around.┬áReciprocation is the key.


“WE” think that a man is suppose to respect and accept us and out thoughts in the same way as we accept theirs.

Preach what you practice!

What “SHE” wants?

In a world where many people feel that a happy woman is a myth, I stand alone believing in the exact opposite.

This is I suppose one of the most frequently thought about question which very few of us are able to even think of answering it.

So yes, here it is..

What “SHE” wants?

“SHE” here can be you friend, mother, granny or any other woman for that matter..

All “We” want is to be what we’ve always wanted to be and just live the life being our ownselves. We donot like being dictated about every damn thing (though a lil guidance doesn’t hurt :p) ,
we are readily happy doing the household chores but when we don’t feel like we won’t do it.. You are no one to judge.
We are just God’s created creatures just like you but with a little more complex mind than yours.

We are no aliens.

“All we want is someone to accept us for what we are and not just for the sake of it.”

Expand your mind people.
Grow! ­čÖé

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