5 tips to get to her heart

As complicated as the title may sound, it isn’t that difficult in reality.  If you talk about my personal opinion a woman’s heart is the easiest to get to.  It’s a deep ocean of mixed emotions, feelings, the depths soak up even the worst of the things.  

Wondering how to get to her heart? Here are a few tips 

1) Understand what kind of a person she is.  An emotional one?  Crazy one?  Strong headed?  This would determine the kind of approach you should follow.  

2) Start slow..slo..ow..

Yes, as cliché as it may sound be very careful of the initial steps you take because that’s practically most that shall decide your future with her bwoy. Don’t freak her out by asking her to get married to you on the first date.  

3) Take care of the little things that matter to her. Her dog’s birthday?  Hah? Duh call her.  She’s got an exam tomorrow?  Make it a point to wish her in the morning right before she’s about to leave for it.  She might not show but thes things really make a difference.  It not only tells that you care about her but also reflects the kind of person you are.  

4) Be very respectful of her parents, siblings, friends basically everyone she cares about in general.  No girl would ever appreciate a guy saying anything against her parents.  Being respectful shall almost double your chances of you impressing her.  And being disrespectful?  Haha. You don’t even stand a chance.  

5) Just “BE YOURSELF” 

Yessss!  Nothing melts a girl’s heart more than a person being his true self with her and not caring about the fact that people will judge them.  As important as other tips are this is practically the most crucial one.  

Those were the few simple but sure shot tips that can pave your way to a girl’s heart 😉

Good luck.  

Sending each one of you loads of positive vibes.  


How my Life changed for good?

This post is inspired by a book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. My life entirely changed after reading that.I always knew about the fact that universe is all energy and whatever we think about in our minds is what comes to reality. Having being said that,  just like any other person who never really thanked much for her amazing life I kinda lost track and forgot about it all.

That book literally breathed life into me I believe. No guys this isn’t really a sponsored post but All I want you to know and make others aware of is that “Like attracts like” . By that I mean that All those who already have enough shall be given more and those who don’t have much shall remain devoid of it. Unjust isn’t it?

No. The answer to it is “Gratitude”. Being grateful for what you have is what attracts more chances for you to be grateful about something else. In order to improve your life for good,no matter where in your life you are. Even if you are standing at the brink of surrendering to Life out of any reason. Just take a deep breath, Breathe.

Be thankful, for you what you already have. Be thankful. And then my friend, There isn’t really any going back. Just keep on being grateful for every little thing in your life every moment and life shall give you numerous chances to be more grateful. As stated earlier, “Like attracts Like”

So, Just buckle up and be grateful for every single in your life. You life too shall change for good. As mine did. I love my life. 🙂