How my Life changed for good?

This post is inspired by a book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. My life entirely changed after reading that.I always knew about the fact that universe is all energy and whatever we think about in our minds is what comes to reality. Having being said that,  just like any other person who never really thanked much for her amazing life I kinda lost track and forgot about it all.

That book literally breathed life into me I believe. No guys this isn’t really a sponsored post but All I want you to know and make others aware of is that “Like attracts like” . By that I mean that All those who already have enough shall be given more and those who don’t have much shall remain devoid of it. Unjust isn’t it?

No. The answer to it is “Gratitude”. Being grateful for what you have is what attracts more chances for you to be grateful about something else. In order to improve your life for good,no matter where in your life you are. Even if you are standing at the brink of surrendering to Life out of any reason. Just take a deep breath, Breathe.

Be thankful, for you what you already have. Be thankful. And then my friend, There isn’t really any going back. Just keep on being grateful for every little thing in your life every moment and life shall give you numerous chances to be more grateful. As stated earlier, “Like attracts Like”

So, Just buckle up and be grateful for every single in your life. You life too shall change for good. As mine did. I love my life. 🙂


What makes “HER” happy?

One of the most important question that mankind all over the globe practically fails to talk about is that even in this modern high-tech world where there are conferences, lectures and what not over the fact that : Women and men are equal, women empowerment, equal rights and fraternity etc.

We fail to acknowledge the fact that this isn’t what women want! Talking about the basics we really need to understand that the happiness of a woman doesn’t really dwells in the big cars, mansions, fancy kitchens, outfits! (we don’t mind good dresses though :P)

Her happiness majorly depends in simple little things. For a woman who does her household it may be her kids which make her happy, the one who is a working type may experience happiness in getting her job done and getting some praise for that. Hence, we need to accept each and every woman as and how she is and give her an EQUAL opportunity to practice her freedom and independency! She’ll love you for it!


Woman are simple beings they just want to be well understood.

Happy womanhood. 🙂



Just ‘Girly’ stuff ;)

So yeah, ladies..

Here is your daily instant boost of self-confidence and other little things..

Feeling a bit low? because a guy ditched you? or nervous over tomorrow’s presentation? or because something in the recent past lowered your self esteem and made you forget all the good heroic deeds you ever did! Duh.

Look at yourself in the mirror right now. SEE what an astounding creation you are. Mankind is just generously gifted that they have you.  Lol , Jk ! Haha.

But seriously what is it that makes you feel so bad about yourself? I am sure whatever it is, it ain’t important. What is important is that you believe in yourself that no matter what you are ‘The Best’. Do not let anyone for that matter tell you what you have to do or where you have to stop or what is your limit. Why? Because you don’t have any. YES! Say it to yourself in the mirror “I am the Best. I can accomplish anything and everything by God’s grace”. And, you sure will! You will.


It is  humble request to all the Lovely Ladies out there.

Don’t let your soul be defined by it’s shell.”

You are a lot more than it.

Way to go girl!

Best wishes!

Girl! Be your own Hero!

One of the probable reasons you are reading this is because recently something in the past made you feel dependent on others or maybe because you have just began the quest of how to be  a ‘Superwoman’.

Voila! You are at the right place.


Okay so let me put this  straight up, if you want to excel in life, “YOU” yourself have to work for it. Your husband, your dad, you best friend they just can’t do this for you. I am sure they love you a lot and you are the ‘apple’ of the their eyes but hey! Even they cannot change your whole life on their own. They can guide you, motivate you and provide you with the best facilities and stuff but they can’t make it possible for you.
But then who can make it possible?
Who can change your life for good?
The answer is simple, it’s YOU.
Yes, you can change the life you’ve been blessed with to make it more awesome. To make it Lovely. And thinking which all cliffs you’ll have to climb etc etc? Relax! All you have to do is just Believe in yourself and work for everything good you want in your life.


Stop acting like a dependent bird waiting to be fed, instead be a Lion(or lioness :P) and hunt each day.
Say it to yourself everyday you wake up, I am the best and I can do everything on my own by God’s grace. And start Believing in it!
There is no one YOU’er than YOU.
Trust me, you will feel  much better.
Even men all around the world encourage a woman who believes in the fact that she is all she needs.

Believe in being your own Hero!

Because no one can do it better than “YOU”.

Afterall, who doesn’t like a girl who believes in herself? It’s really very attractive!  😉

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