What makes “HER” happy?

One of the most important question that mankind all over the globe practically fails to talk about is that even in this modern high-tech world where there are conferences, lectures and what not over the fact that : Women and men are equal, women empowerment, equal rights and fraternity etc.

We fail to acknowledge the fact that this isn’t what women want! Talking about the basics we really need to understand that the happiness of a woman doesn’t really dwells in the big cars, mansions, fancy kitchens, outfits! (we don’t mind good dresses though :P)

Her happiness majorly depends in simple little things. For a woman who does her household it may be her kids which make her happy, the one who is a working type may experience happiness in getting her job done and getting some praise for that. Hence, we need to accept each and every woman as and how she is and give her an EQUAL opportunity to practice her freedom and independency! She’ll love you for it!


Woman are simple beings they just want to be well understood.

Happy womanhood. 🙂