Girl! Be your own Hero!

One of the probable reasons you are reading this is because recently something in the past made you feel dependent on others or maybe because you have just began the quest of how to be  a ‘Superwoman’.

Voila! You are at the right place.


Okay so let me put this  straight up, if you want to excel in life, “YOU” yourself have to work for it. Your husband, your dad, you best friend they just can’t do this for you. I am sure they love you a lot and you are the ‘apple’ of the their eyes but hey! Even they cannot change your whole life on their own. They can guide you, motivate you and provide you with the best facilities and stuff but they can’t make it possible for you.
But then who can make it possible?
Who can change your life for good?
The answer is simple, it’s YOU.
Yes, you can change the life you’ve been blessed with to make it more awesome. To make it Lovely. And thinking which all cliffs you’ll have to climb etc etc? Relax! All you have to do is just Believe in yourself and work for everything good you want in your life.


Stop acting like a dependent bird waiting to be fed, instead be a Lion(or lioness :P) and hunt each day.
Say it to yourself everyday you wake up, I am the best and I can do everything on my own by God’s grace. And start Believing in it!
There is no one YOU’er than YOU.
Trust me, you will feel  much better.
Even men all around the world encourage a woman who believes in the fact that she is all she needs.

Believe in being your own Hero!

Because no one can do it better than “YOU”.

Afterall, who doesn’t like a girl who believes in herself? It’s really very attractive!  😉

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I am.. !?

“I am the woman who will never stop caring, So I guess I am me “
~ I am (Poem)

Infusing and embibing the bedlam inside, clutched by the vehement shackles of everything un-important;
I stand incapable of fighting for my ownself alone.


Since when did we become so feeble?
And here am I again asking the same old question to myself that has always been the hardest for me to answer i.e
(Also, I thought for a minute  to decide to write future! or future? )

But in the race of making our future, haven’t we forgotten to live? (Not exist, but Live)

I am pretty sure everyone who is in his/her 20’s has felt the same but take a moment to realize how beautiful this life is. How gifted are you to have it.
Never doubt your talent(s) , just go with flow by working and striving hard to acheive your goals, you know why?
Because no one else will do it for you.

Let us all not forget to live  and believe in ourselves and keep on reminding ourselves the following statement..

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. ”


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