“Being Responsible” a criteria for womanhood?

The title says it all. Every woman can possibly relate to it. These two words go hand in hand most of the time.


No matter if you are born in India or Australia, if you are born in a huge palace as a princess or on the footpath. One word which we almost consider as a synonym for a “Woman” is RESPONSIBILTY. She’s a daughter she has to do the household chores, she’s a mother she has to do justice to her home, in laws, husband, kids and workplace as well if she’s a working woman.

I am not saying that this sense of responsibility is hindering our thought process and proving as a hurdle in the freedom and independency of our lives. No! But at times, we really don’t want to act like mature ladies.

We donot mind managing everything in our lives and handling others’ as well. But having being said that it does not set it as a criteria for our womanhood.

Womanhood is a beautiful experience which a woman can understand. Let’s enjoy it and lead our lives the way we want to..

Best wishes .

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