What “SHE” thinks?

They all say to understand a woman’s mind is an impossible task. But I contradict..

I have come up with a shorter and a more precise definition of a woman’s thinking .

Honestly, We girls agree that we think differently from men. we have more complex thoughts but we will never say it in front of you.

When it comes to thinking, we may have an altogether different approach towards a particular situation, we might tackle it differently but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are wrong. All we expect of you men is to allow us to voice our opinions in the way we want. Let us be absolutely free in blurting it out without thinking twice. Yes, we like it when someone contradicts us as much as men do but that shouldn’t be mixed with the thought of enforcing someone’s opinion onto us.

All we want is to be independent in our thoughts and emotions.. We respect yours, You are suppose to respect ours. It just can’t be one way around. Reciprocation is the key.


“WE” think that a man is suppose to respect and accept us and out thoughts in the same way as we accept theirs.

Preach what you practice!


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